Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Scrambling and Rambling

Jim left. He flew out yesterday and is in Costa Rica at the school he'll be teaching at. I've heard from him every single time I've logged into Facebook. He seems to be happy.

I am not so happy. Sunday night before he left the contractors that are going to be painting and installing the kitchen counter top stopped by to say it would be 3 weeks before they could paint. When I started talking to the one who was handling the kitchen counter top install things got weird. He confessed he'd never done one before except for the counter top manufactured just for that dimensions. He does not have the right tools to cut any of it. Why tell me now? Because I decided to go with the lengths you can buy pre made and cut to size. Then I find out he does not know what the hell he's doing! And he came so highly recommended for all around handy work and painting.

So guess what I've been doing? Yep, trying to hire someone else.

I made the mistake of going onto Lowes find a contractor site - Porch.com and it was a huge mistake. My phone and email box blew up with calls and emails from other companies that farm out jobs to subcontractors, no actual contractors.

This morning I ended up at another home improvement store than Lowes getting another quote. Thankfully, unlike Lowes, they offer installation on laminate counter tops. So tomorrow I have to run by with a check and order it, right down to the sink and fixtures I want.

Tomorrow I have to deal with the toothless redneck painter's helper who will be doing all the mudding of the holes and wall repair before painting.

In the meantime I got Laura's room completely emptied, got the wood flooring up, the underlayment up and to the dump, everything packed away and the floor swept, ready for painting and carpeting. I managed to pack away a lot of Jim's clothes and started on the final packing for Andy's room. Our bedroom is nearly empty, except for the bed. I got beautiful glass tiles to eek out the left over tiles from the bath that I need to do a little replacement of a few cracked ones and regrout the entire floor in there. I am making progress now that Jim is gone.

He left me with a huge load of stuff to do. But I'm not tripping over him so all is well.

Last night I stayed up to the wee hours shredding twenty years of tax returns and saved bills. Filled about six garbage bags with shredding.

Tomorrow I'm going to finish up the bedrooms and start on the garage. Fun, fun, fun.

Looks like I'm here for the next month.

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