Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Shaping Up

Today is clearly on track to be a cluster-you-know-what.

Jim just told me that the last of the painting contractors giving us bids is coming late this afternoon to give us his bid. Once I heard the guy's name I have abandoned all hope. The guy is a friend of my bete noire at the old church, Tom Smith.

He's a fundy, he's a fundy church hopper and he's linked up with all the toxic evangelical fundamentalist people in this area. Letting him in the door is akin to allowing all those hateful gum-beaters new gossip.

Jim can deal with him, I'm, um, er, going shopping for whatever during that visit later.

On a positive note I'm being squeezed into UVAs sleep study lab very quickly so I can have a newer better functioning machine before we move.

If you want to read the entire crazy history of how I joined and unjoined my old toxic church and my interactions with Tom Smith here it is in its fully insane glory.

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