Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Climbing Bullshit Mountain

This has really been one hideously terrible week! Another round dealing with the government over importing out possessions combined with worrying about my husband's mind.

Things took a loop into crazytown mere hours after my last post. Once Jim got back he wanted to walk back to that same store I had just visited. I agree to go because I'd forgotten to poke my head into the souvenir stand in that same shopping center that sells yarn so I could pick up a few skeins to crochet up a few more wash clothes.

We set out on foot to the farther away store, about a mile. Jim got to talking to the guy in the store working the Moneygram counter (leading to further crazy doings a bit later), while I got my yarn and a bottle of Costa Rican chocolate/coffee/cream liquor to give Jim for his birthday on Sunday. As we left the shopping center it was twilight, and it turned nightmarish for me.

Let me back up, about four weeks ago I was driving hear San Jose, near Escazu, when I suddenly lost a lot of peripheral vision, seeing a new huge floater in my left eye and seeing big flashes of light. I know it's likely my retina or cornea is starting to tear or fray. It was pretty scary driving in high speed hwy traffic and losing some of my vision. I made an appointment to see my eye doctor when I'm back in the States a week from tomorrow, because this was back when we still lived in Copey de Dota. I haven't been bothered with it much and don't seem to be losing any more vision, but it still needs to be seen. Soon.

We're walking back from the shopping center along our narrow paved road, the one that runs past our house and turns towards the beaches of Tamarindo as it got darker and darker. As people started switching on their car lights I literally could not see, I just saw the crazy flashes of light in my eye compounded  by the headlights. I was stumbling along, yelling to Jim that my vision was almost nil, narrowly avoiding be squashed by cars.

He could hear because he'd done that thing I absolutely fucking hate that he does, that I have told him I hate, he's way way ahead of me and cannot hear me over the noise of the traffic. I don't entirely blame him. His legs are at least 8 inches longer than mine and he towers over me by a foot. I have to run to keep up with, he has to significantly slow down for me. It very rarely happens.

By the time we mad it home I just lit into him for his thoughtless running ahead of me bullshit while I literally could not see! I. Was. Livid! He could not understand why I was so completely out of control angry. He found out the next morning when I woke up sick with lungs and another sinus infection. We both should remember by now that if I get that type of over the top serial killer pissed off there is significant asthma/lung problems getting ready to happen.

The other thing I am noticing in the last few weeks is that Jim is exhibiting suddenly a lot of signs that he might be developing dementia. I'm after him to get a complete physical while we're in the States. I'm so afraid he is losing it.

The bullshit of the rest of the week is of him listening to the advice on wiring in money from the US to have the funds to pay the taxes on the car and trying to do just that. Pissing off our kids by asking them to do it, refusing to listen to me when I point out that the website for Moneygram says something completely different than what he was told and the advice of our CR banker and others. He's living in La-la land over what needs to happen and has gotten increasingly cranky when his schemes and misunderstandings do not work out.

Never use Moneygram overseas because we were unable to retrieve our money from them at any of the listed receiving branches here in Costa Rica. Had to cancel the transaction and have the money refunded. Which means our car is still sitting at Porto Limon. We'll not be able to pick it up for three weeks and they're going to hit us with storages fees.

It's not entirely on his malfunctioning brain either. Getting money here is not an easy task. Anything having to do with the local government is three times longer and more expensive than they tell you.

On the other side I think I keep getting sinus infections from my new VPAP machine. I haven't been the most virtuous about scrubbing the various masks and hoses down with disinfectant. I am now, even going so far as to come up with an organic germ killing procedure and solution.

Most of all this bullshit meant endless trips into town to try and resolve all of this and zero time on the beach. Ugh. I need coconut rum right now.

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