Thursday, January 25, 2018

Househunting, Funerals, Immaturity and the TSA

We survived the flight, the memorial, and the trip home. No, I did not mud wrestle Mrs. Satan. I did drink a lot of tequila. But we still had behaving badly relatives and for once it was not either Mrs. Satan or I even if she did wear a rather questionable dress to the graveside service. Very flashy to the point of almost inappropriate. Not that many others dressed like society usually demands you do for a funeral. But none of them wore attention-getting get ups either.

I wore my expensive black lace dress and was clearly very overdressed by today's funeral standards.

My mother did not show up for the service, which was awesome because I know I would have been treated to a many months long rant on the evils of violating Miss Manner's and the Junior League's ideas on funereal splendor. I consider the issue really a non-issue. Wear what you want even if family members will snicker over it for ages, like the entire family still does over the low cut nearly red dress my mother wore to my wedding.

My mother kept asking what my husband was going to wear and I had to explain that my husband is a grown assed man who could pick his wardrobe himself. I also had to tell her that a fight on funeral sartorial was not the hill I wanted to die on, that I pick arguments in our marriage I chose to only on important things. Like when Jim refused to refused to wanted to not have medical tests last January when he had symptoms that we thought perhaps his cancer was back.

The service for the Maw in Law was very nice, the speakers all said wonderful things about my mother in law, my husband gave the eulogy, right up until his brother got up to say what a caring saint his wife is. Yes, Mrs. Satan got some atta girls from her husband in the pulpit.

The church ladies, God bless them, realized that the whole shebang was about to be catered by a cut-rate Southern grocery store deli counter and jumped into action. They jumped into the fray and created a beautiful and delicious luncheon that cost the family not a dime. I was so grateful they did this considering some in the family were trying to cheap it. I thought we should have hired the catering from one of the local awesome restaurants. This is not something you pinch your pennies on. It's a final send off for a beloved member of the family.

The only issue with the entire five days was one relative pulled a very odd stunt. She drove a very long way, 1,600 miles roughly, had a fight with the others that rode with her, stomped out during the argument, packed the car leaving her other relatives/rides without a way back home. We had to tote these folks around because they were stuck in Baton Rouge with no car and no way home. Eventually they rented a car for a one way trip back home.

It made for an awkward time at the funeral because other relatives from other states kept asking me where she was. I had to keep saying I didn't know for sure but I believed she was on her way home.

Still haven't spoken to this lady, but I understand my name was thrown around during the fight because I'd urged her to talk to the others before the trip. She was upset with several of the folks riding with her but instead of actually talking to them about her issues with them she went into super passive aggressive mode. She did send me a very passive aggressive text but I responded mildly. Do not feed the passive aggression.

Everything else went well. Our hotel room was beautiful and right by the airport. I was spared being trotted around to a plethora of family member's homes because many had minor illnesses due to the crazy weather. We got to eat out at all our favorite places. I ate my weight in Crawfish Etoufee. We went to the drive thru Daiquiri stands. We stocked up on Cajun foods to put in our suitcases on our return trip to Costa Rica.

The only flies in the trip ointment was that as we were leaving our home we're rented at with the idea of paying next year our landlord told us that our rent would be 900 bucks every month for the rest of high season. Increase of an increase of a 300 dollar sum. It's illegal in CR laws.

We talked about it during the trip what to do, and we've decided to buy a beachside house. Today, tomorrow and Saturday we're touring houses in our budget. Almost all entirely houses custom built for American tourists sign to buy and build who have buyers remorse who have taking a financial dubbing, eager to unload. One of the places we visited today was designed by a famous architect, very modern and a five minute walk, another had a guesthouse, and still another had several guesthouses, a pool and three bedrooms. All new. I'm pretty excited to be buying my second home and writing a check to pay for the entire thing So the negative is about to change.

The beautiful house we are renting is having electrical and plumbing issues plus a dead washer and dryer. This is not at all acceptable. I really liked our landlords, I do not like the lack of repairs and high rental.

I'm still laughing over the the TSA slitting the five pound bag of grits in my suitcase and the boxes of beignet mix. This Cajun is so not muling drugs in her grits.

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