Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wasting Time WIth Monkeys

So I'm supposed to be packing for the funeral trip right now, cleaning the cat box, making sure there is fresh bed linens on the spare bedroom's bed for the house sitter. What have I been doing? Watching the monkeys instead.

This morning instead of the usual lone ancient howler monkey that lives on our hillside he showed up with his entire troop, babies, mamas and himself. I was fascinated. They were up in the trees just beyond my patio. I sat outside much of the day, watching the babies climb up and down and the adults flop down on the branches to snooze. Endlessly entertaining instead of shoving clothing into a suitcase for a trip I have no desire to take.

Tried to take photos but it's dark in the trees. I put a few grainy edited ones on Facebook of the howlers.

We've already run into some crazy schedule hassles. The airline changed our flight to an earlier one so now into the three hour layover to get through customs in Dallas we have a four and a 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta. That means we're going to have to get up an hour earlier here.

The other hassles include various dinners, lunches and who goes where situations with the Maw in Law's service. Mrs. Satan wanted all of us to get together on Friday and Saturday night, but I already promised the first sister in law and nieces I'd go to their home for pizza, wine and reminiscing on Saturday night. Just watching Jim verklempt over this is giving me an ulcer. I finally had to just man up and tell him I would only go to the Friday night dinner, not anything else involving or organized by Mrs. Satan.

Makes me so happy that I booked a suite at a hotel across the street from the airport and a quick hop, skip and jump from my elderly mother's house. Sunday is her birthday and I plan on taking her out for lunch. Can't wait. We are staying nowhere near our kids or Jim's brother. We're all scattered acros the town, the kids in a fancy AirBnB in the downtown near the river and Bro and Mrs. Satan just off the college campus. Space is awesome, particularly since Jim moaned and complained about the adult children drinking back in October

The other thing I cannot wait for it coming home from this trip. The reality of this now after four months in Tamarindo is that this place is home now. Where else can you waste an afternoon watching monkey or a Sunday afternoon wandering the vacant lot next to the pizza joint and photograph and feed an assortment of the strangest color iguanas you've ever seen. I've not seen a golden one before. Tried to get a shot of all five of them lined up underneath the pizza place's windows begging for pizza but the shot came out too dark. Put a few of those iguana photos on Facebook too.

So when Mrs. Satan is being her most obnoxious I'll just think about the monkeys and iguanas and the beach and take a mental break.

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