Friday, April 27, 2018

More Firsts

I'm trying to knock out the last few things before my adult children arrive in the morning. In the last month I repainted the interior of the guesthouse on our finca a light turquoise with darker turquoise cabinets and shelves. The guesthouse has all new appliances. I've decorated with a beach theme and some furniture. Still not completely done, and will not be until the remainder of everything we own gets shipped here. But it will do for ten days. Stocked the fridge tonight with sodas, wine, beer and juices along with putting a variety of snacks, fruits and cereal in the cabinets. I don't want them to have to trudge that long path to the main house.

The shipping has turned into a freaking nightmare. I've spent a lot of time in group IMs and phone calls trying to coordinate the packing and pickup of about 2/3s of our furniture and possessions, all the things we stored in the box room above our garage. We are selling our American house and settling here as residents. Not going back, at least not as long as Trump is in control.

We had an unpleasant first this week. We paid our first bribe after being pulled over and threatened with a steep fine for Jim leaving his drivers license back at the house. He took it out of his wallet for some reason, set it down with his passport and other papers and sure enough got pulled over. This is how getting out of a ticket used to work in Louisiana, and I see it's the same thing here. Gave the police a hundred bucks and went on our way. Lucky they didn't seize Jim since he didn't have proof he was here within his 90 day visa.

First time in a long time yesterday evening we went out for cocktails and sat at the bar for ages talking to everyone around us. I had great fun conversing with a pretty lit up on alcohol family court judge from the U.S. Kept teasing him that he should replace Judge Judy. She got her start in family court too. Compared notes on worst child abuse cases seen between his bench and my time as a social worker.

The pool is finally fully tiled and has to be allowed to dry over the next three days before the water goes in. Pretty big pool. Tonight our cat Stinky and I slid around on the tiled bottom with the monkeys watching us scamper and play.

I'm anticipating the next few weeks are going to be intensely busy. Ten days with our kids followed by some of our Peace Corp buddies coming down for a week. Good thing the house is so big because we're going to fill every room.

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